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Moko Artspace is a gallery at Hot Water Beach which houses an impressive contingency of New Zealand made product - from serious art and crafts to a lighter selection of giftware and kiwiana. Our range includes contemporary New Zealand art and object, glassware, jewellery, sculpture, painting, prints and designware. 

Moko Artspace first opened it’s doors more that 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. The space is the product of Simon Buchanan and Sonya Corlett’s combined forces. Originally set up to sell Sonya’s mixed media sculpture and mirrors, and Simon’s pots, Moko Artspace now exhibits the work of well over 100 artists.

Hot Water Beach has been rated one of the top ten beaches in the world. Soft, white sand; good surf; native bush; and, of course, the famous hot pools on the beach. For a couple of hours either side of low tide simply dig your toes in the sand until you find a hot spot where the naturally-heated mineral water is flowing. Dig yourself a pool and relax. Any time of the year is great to visit Hot Water Beach. In the summer there are more people about, especially at Christmas, and the spectacular pohutukawa blossom is out in full bloom. When the tide is high and the pools are inaccessible you could visit nearby Cathedral Cove; or go kayaking, diving, bush and beach walking, or horse trekking; or try any of the many other activities available in the area.

You can check the low tides here.

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